L'Astroclub Véga est un club d'astronomes amateurs en Belgique .

Nous sommes membre de la Fédération Francophone d'Astronomes Amateurs de Belgique (FFAAB)
et de l' Association pour la Sauvegarde du Ciel et de l'Environnement Nocturnes (ASCEN).
Nous coopérons également régulièrement avec un club d'astronomes amateurs voisin (ASTRONAMUR).

Nous nous réunissons deux fois par mois à l'hôtel 'les 3 Clés' à Gembloux.

Quand l'occasion se présente, nous faisons de l'observation sur un site dédié à Ramillies.

Membres Astrovéga Club

Observation de la tere

ESA Human and Robotic Exploration

  1. In the age of social media, no new experience goes undocumented. On Earth, we fill our camera rolls with weekends away, social events and time spent with family and friends. But just imagine how many photos you might take if you lived and worked in space.

  2. ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will swap her spacesuit for dive gear this month as commander of a 10-day international research and exploration mission to the Atlantic Ocean floor.

  3. Years of preparation, and the finale is over in six minutes. This month a sounding rocket will launch two ESA experiments to an altitude of 260 km to provide six minutes of weightlessness as they free-fall back to Earth.

  4. A stunning new live experience, called ‘Space Station Earth’, featuring images from space set to music by composer Ilan Eshkeri working in collaboration with ESA, makes its world premiere in Stockholm this August.

  5. An astronaut on a mission to Mars could receive radiation doses up to 700 times higher than on our planet – a major showstopper for the safe exploration of our Solar System. A team of European experts is working with ESA to protect the health of future crews on their way to the Moon and beyond.