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  1. If you own an 8-inch or larger telescope you might see more than a dozen new and returning comets this year, including one potential naked-eye candidate.

    The post Comet Watch 2021 appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  2. NASA has granted two key planetary missions extensions, so InSight and Juno will continue to return data from Mars and Jupiter, respectively, for years to come.

    The post NASA Extends Juno, InSight Missions appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  3. In the news this week: Globular clusters have the detailed scoop on our galaxy's past, and a "heartbeat" black hole binary in the Milky Way has gone mysteriously dim.

    The post Astronomy News: Galactic One-Two Punch, Black Hole Heartbeat Falters appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  4. Whether you're here for eye candy or a more cosmic perspective, these astronomy pictures released this week will do the trick.

    The post This Week in Astronomy Pictures: A Magnetic Whirlpool, Windblown Jets & More appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

  5. The existence of a quasar when the universe was only 670 million years old is helping astronomers understand how black holes are born.

    The post What the Most Distant Quasar Tells Us About Black Hole Birth appeared first on Sky & Telescope.