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  1. The Magellanic Clouds — two nearby dwarf galaxies easily visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere — are key to understanding the dynamics and evolution of the Local Group of galaxies. Can an in-depth look at these galaxies’ outer regions help us make sense of their complicated interaction history?

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  2. Astronomers have discovered a pulsar that comes with its own magnifying glass — courtesy of its brown dwarf companion that’s being torn to shreds.

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  3. An intriguing asteroid was spotted traveling backwards around Jupiter back in 2015. Now a team of researchers think it could have formed around another star.

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  4. A Dutch radio astronomy experiment hitched a ride today with China's relay satellite for the upcoming Chang'e 4 mission.

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  5. The Cygnus OA-9 mission launching from Wallops Island early Sunday morning could put on quite a show along the East Coast.

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