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  1. NASA's New Horizons made history when it flew by "Ultima Thule" on New Year's Day, but the science return is only beginning. Here's the latest from mission principal investigator Alan Stern.

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  2. Astronomers have overcome the interference of clumpy interstellar gas to catch a glimpse of the gas around the Milky Way’s central black hole.

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  3. Analyses of data from Cassini’s final days suggest the rings are a late addition and use them to solve a Saturnian mystery.

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  4. So far, humans have sent five probes into space that are or will go far beyond the solar system: the Pioneers, the Voyagers, and New Horizons. As an exercise in fun, here's how you can find those probes' locations on the sky.

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  5. Hundreds of sunrise and sunset times reveal that there’s something amiss with our calculations.

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