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  1. A low-mass sun with few elements heavier than helium provides hope that the Galaxy might contain survivors from the very first generation of stars. 

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  2. Arizona comet hunter Don Machholz did it again! He discovered his 12th comet only two mornings ago. Set your alarm, grab your scope, and take a look.

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  3. Electrostatic discharge in a simulated dusty Martian environment yields perchlorates — a potential energy source for microbial life — at abundances 1,000 times greater than sunlight alone.

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  4. A recent study has discovered three of the fastest stars — white dwarfs — known in the Milky Way. But these stars may be more than just speeders — they might also be evidence of how Type Ia supernovae occur.

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  5. Astronomers have suspected for some time that the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds collided in the recent past. The Gaia space telescope provides striking new evidence for a head-on collision.

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