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  1. Spektrum-Röntgen-Gamma, a long-delayed and much-modified X-ray astronomy package, launched successfully from the Kazakh Steppe on Saturday.

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  2. Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's first steps on the Moon changed the world. But that the world would see them wasn't a given.

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  3. Hawaiian Governor David Ige and the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory have announced that construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope will begin the week of July 15th.

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  4. Discoveries include a near-Earth asteroid with the shortest “year” and another found hours before it burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

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  5. Last October, the first discovery of a potential exomoon was announced. But is Kepler-1625b-i an actual moon in another solar system? Or just an artifact of data reduction?

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