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  1. Arcturus ascends in the east as Sirius sinks in the southwest. Orion tilts further as the Dipper rides high. And this week Mars threads the horntips of Taurus, closely followed by the crescent Moon.

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  2. The countdown has begun to a special total solar eclipse that will cross Mexico, the U.S. and Canada on April 8, 2024.

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  3. Bright comets will be scarce this year, but you can see one of the better ones this month as it races from Aquila to Canes Venatici. In other news, a new, bright nova has flared in Sagittarius.

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  4. A recent study has identified the origins of many of the long streams of stars that encircle the Milky Way. These streams may contain hints about our galaxy's past.

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  5. Light pollution is insidious in today’s world. This International Dark Sky Week, become inspired to see what you can do to raise awareness.

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