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  1. The Perseid meteor shower is like no other. Every August it delivers up to 100 meteors an hour in pleasant weather conducive to getting outside and staying up late. What's more, most kids still aren't in school, making it possible for the entire family to enjoy the event.

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  2. Pluto might be a challenging target but it's well worth the effort. Grab your telescope and see if you can spot this distant, chilly world.

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  3. Travel to the ends of the Earth to experience a special — but risky — total solar eclipse in Antarctica.

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  4. Comet NEOWISE has captivated skywatchers with its stunning tail. Now that it's moved into the evening sky and climbing higher each night even more people will get a chance to see it.

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  5. Skywatchers are treated to a naked-eye comet as NEOWISE emerges into the the dawn sky.

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