Observation de la tere

ESA Human and Robotic Exploration

  1. ESA has kicked off an activity with the British-Norwegian supplier Nammo to develop a high-performance rocket motor for its lunar exploration program.

  2. In this edition of our bi-weekly update on European research run on the International Space Station, we’re taking our cue from the Living Planet Symposium – the largest conference on Earth Observation taking place this week in Milan, Italy – and focusing on our own planet.

  3. Hundreds of thousands of kilometres away from home, astronauts travelling to the Moon will have to deal with isolation and confinement. ESA is now offering European researchers an opportunity to study how an international crew will cope in simulated deep space missions.

  4. European start-up PTScientists and ArianeGroup agreed today on a far-reaching cooperation for future lunar missions, in line with ESA’s goal of working with partners to return to the Moon in a sustainable way.

  5. Wrinkles, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a clumsy brain are all natural consequences of getting old. As our cells rust over time, a key to fighting chronic disease may be in tiny, smartly designed particles that have the potential to become an anti-ageing supplement. A European experiment seeking innovative antioxidants is on its way to space.